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Individual Health Insurance For Self-Employed Workers

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When Can You Enroll In
New Health Insurance

Short-Term Health Insurance


Temporary health plans are used to cover new and unexpected illnesses or accidents. These plans aren’t available on Enrollment can happen anytime and coverage may start the next day.

Traditional Major Medical

After A Qualifying Event
Or, During Open Enrollment

Traditional health plans that cover pre-existing conditions are available to switch to only after a qualifying event that stopped your previous insurance. Like quitting your job. You may change your major medical insurance without a qualifying event during the the federal government “open enrollment period”. This is typically in November each year. 

You enjoy the freedom of writing your own schedule and the flexibility to work as you need to. You are one of 42 million self-employed Americans living the dream in today’s gig economy.(1) One of your most critical monthly expenses has to be protecting your health. Self-employed and contract workers need to look for Individual Health Plans to have medical coverage.

Understanding Health Insurance When You Are Self-Employed

When you are your own boss, there isn’t a Human Resources Department to negotiate a group plan.

Getting an insurance plan for you and your family can be hassle-free. Before you purchase, understand the costs and other considerations for finding coverage as a self-employed worker.


Health Insurance Helps With Unexpected Medical Costs

You may quote and access a robust selection of ACA-compliant individual major medical health insurance plans from nationally recognized insurance carriers. Personal assistance is available for those needing guidance or assistance to compare plans, as well as options not available on the exchange. The major medical health marketplace plans are guaranteed issue and meet the standards of a Qualified Health Plan (QHP), as required by the Affordable Care Act.

What Is Short-Term Health Insurance?

Short-term Health Insurance is an extremely affordable option to provide you and your family basic health and emergency services, as necessary. These insurance plans are affordable as they do not cover pre-existing conditions.

You’ll want to obtain a short-term health insurance policy if you are not covered by a major medical policy. Many healthy people will use Short-Term Health as their primary insurance.

Often known as GAP insurance, you can also use this type of coverage until the next federal open enrollment period when you can pick up a qualified health plan with major medical coverage.

Advantages of Short-Term Health Insurance

Group Health vs. Individual Health Insurance

Employed workers have access to group health plan benefits that cover doctors, clinics, emergency rooms, prescription medication and pre-existing conditions. These are ACA certified insurance plans and are sometimes referred to as, “traditional health insurance” or “major medical”.

Employers work with insurance carriers to get preferred rates and health benefit options. As an employee benefit, the business will subsidize a portion of the insurance premiums, while the other portion is a tax-free payroll deduction. When you are classified as a W-2 worker, your employer will have a yearly open enrollment to make changes to your health insurance.

Self-Employed Workers Buy Individual Health Plans To Cover Major Medical Expenses

If you are self-employed or working on contract, you will need to search for your own health insurance. Your options for getting health insurance as an independent contractor, freelancer, consultant or other self-employed worker who doesn’t have any employees, are to purchase coverage through the federal marketplace ( or a private health marketplace, like Smart and Simple Insurance. The Affordable Care Act mandates that all individuals have a qualified health plan that comes with major medical coverage.

Individual Health Insurance Plans For The Self-Employed

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Short-Term Insurance

  • A short-term health plan can fill the gap between qualified medical plans.
  • Very affordable with low deductibles to meet.
  • Some prescription drug coverage.
  • Available for Individuals and Families.
  • Does not cover pre-existing conditions.
  • Cancel at any time without penalty.

Save big on short-term health insurance

Traditional Health Insurance

  • These are major medical policies that cover physician services, clinics, emergency rooms and prescription drug coverage.
  • They are qualified health plans according to the Affordable Care Act.
  • Available for Individuals and Families.
  • Traditional Health Insurance covers pre-existing conditions.

Compare plans, deductibles and benefits of a major medical policy

TeleMedicine from MDLive

  • Skip the clinic and have $0 co-pays for medical consultations!
  • On-demand access to a national network of board-certified doctors that can diagnose, recommend treatment and prescribe medication.
  • Eligible for Individuals and Families
  • Available 24/7/365 and on holidays!

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Vision Insurance

See the difference a vision plan can have on your health and your wallet! In these times, a vision plan can help save you money on exams, lenses, frames and more!

Get Vision Insurance

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance can provide coverage for preventive, basic, and major dental expenses with the dentist of your choice. Also, some plans include orthodontia, teeth whitening and more.

Get Dental Insurance

Supplemental Insurance

Benefits can be used to pay for emergency treatment, medical transportation and lodging. Use the money for whatever you need, like mortgage payments, credit card payments, car payments, daycare or business costs.

Get Supplemental Insurance

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